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Focused on design: Clouds

Welcome to the section dedicated to the design of the airsickness bags. In articles named as Focused on design, I will present you several types of motives used on the barfbags. Just for the record - all mentioned airlines have a big thumbs up for creating something more or less original. If they still, exist, of course...

In this first article, let's focus on the clouds. It's an item, which looks calm and relaxing, but in reality, clouds usually mean turbulence. And turbulence means airsickness. And airsickness means... bags! Even though clouds are natural part of flying, it's not that often on the bags. But here are some examples:

For long years, clouds were typical for LOT bags from Poland:

Schematic clouds can be found also on other bags and in different colour variants. Here are Cebu Pacific from the Philippines, Jat Airways from Serbia and Nas Air from Saudi Arabia:

Now something a bit more dramatic. Together with the picture of clouds, Icelandair describes their Loftslag, i.e. climate, which may make the flight a bit bumpy. On the other hand, China Airlines displays something, which can be identified as a wind with clouds... or wind... or a fart? Each of them can make you feel unwell on board.

A bit on the calm note - Jet Airways from India, EgyptAir and Sabena are definitely on the positive side and want to make the flight easy:

And as the last mention, the classic airsickness bags from Swissair. Even though clouds with such vertical development might have made some sensitive stomachs worried.

Well, that's enough said (and shown) about the clouds motive. In the next similar article, we will focus on some different design element. Airplanes? Nature? Cartoons? Stay tuned!

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