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Good morning, students! In today's lesson of Airsickness bags 101, we are going to practice some vocabulary. Repat after me!

EnglishAirsickness bag
FrenchSac pour mal de l'air
SpanishBolsa de mareo
ItalianSacchetto per il mar d'aereo
PortugeseSaco de enjoo
SlovenianVrečka za primer slabosti
PolishTorba chorobowa
HungarianEgészségügyi tasak
LithuanianSanitarnis Maišelis
RomanianPunga pentru rau de aer
GreekΣακούλι ναυτίας
TurkishBulanti torbasi
UkrainianГігіенічний пакет
RussianГигиенический пакет
KazakhГигиеналық пакет
IndonesianKantong Kebersihan
MalaysianBeg Mabug Udara
VietnameseTúi nôn

Do you know about any other translations? Let me know!

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