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Why I love Southwest Airlines?

I know what you think - is this guy crazy? How can he love a company that is famous for its plain white airsickness bags, which goes together with their low-cost policy? Well, the reason is pretty simple - it's the people in Customer Relations department.

Back in 2014, I tried to contact several (hundreds, I guess...) airlines with a request for an airsickness bag. As you can imagine, the success rate was not high, over 90 % didn't even reply. On the other hand, from the very few items I've received, there were some very nice barfbags, like People's Viennaline. But the biggest suprise came from the USA, from Southwest Airlines. Even though their bags are just plain white, and they are aware of that, I've received one, which is pure original. It has a sticker of a heart on, one of their company's symbols, and signatures and short messages from the members of the Customer Relations department.

Original barfbag from Southwest Airlines

Wow, that really made my day! But there was more, a thing that really blew my mind - two small greeting cards with hand-written poems! (click to enlarge)

Of course, this bag is not officially in my statistics, but it has a special place in the collection. Even though I haven't flown with Southwest Airlines yet, I simply love this company. And I hope you understand why.

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