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Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions about my collection.

Do you also collect used bags?
Hahahahaha. Hahaha. Hahahahahaha. Wow. Never heard this question. Very funny. Hahahahaha. Hahaha. Haha. Ha. No.

How do you store the bags?
I use regular office binders with plastic pockets. I just avoid the cheap ones, as there is a higher risk of dust or bending the bag. I store the binders on shelves in my library. At least as long as they all fit in.

How do you exchange the bags with other collectors?
Usually by post. I've never had any problems with post service, except some delays maybe. If it is possible, I use trackable delivery, but it's not really necessary.

On which place in the world ranking is your collection?
Honestly, no idea. With over 1100 bags, I would estimate myself around 30th place. But there are a lot of collectors without webpages or without contact with the collectors community. Paul Mundy used to have a "Bagometer" on his page, but is website is under construction now.

Do you have any particular goal with your collection?
Get as many bags as possible, of course. But if I'll have the chance, I'd like to collect all bags from Czech Republic / Czechoslovakia. Not only the oldest ones, but mainly from "the wild 90s", when there were some small charter airlines with really short period of existence.

Why do you keep the generic white bags?
I don't like them, of course. Therefore I keep only a few of them and always with proof of its origin. But I'm seriously thinking about putting them away, at least from my official numbers. I'll decide it later.

Are the differences between the bags so significant?
Airsickness bags are not stamps or banknotes. There might be some differences, so sometimes it's quite difficult to decide whether to consider some discrepancy as a different bag or not. But in general, this is on each collector's decision, there are no written nor unwritten conventions.

Do you also buy, or only swap bags?
Well, I used to swap only, for quite a long time. But sometimes I buy bags, mainly at collectors' conventions or on ebay.

Have you faced any scams or dishonesty during swapping?
No, never. Really.

Do you have your favourite airsickness bag?
Yes, of course. It's the Finnaviation bag, one of the grails for airsickness bags collectors, very famous for its fantastic design. But, for example, I also like my Egretta bag very much, even though it looks very simple, but it is a rare bag from Czech charter airlines which existed between 1996 and 1997.

What is the value of your collection?
It depends how much would someone pay for it. But I have no intentions to sell it whatsoever. The prices on ebay or at the conventions start around 1 EUR (which is normal price at Prague Convention), but can grow up to 100 EUR, maybe even more. I like to spend up to 3, maximum 4 euros per bag, but there are some exceptions, of course.

Why have you started collecting airsickness bags?
It's quite a few years ago. See the article "How it all began" to read the whole story.

Does your wife want to kill you sometimes because of your collection?
Suprisingly, no. Actually, she helps me a lot with organising the collection. And I'm very grateful for that!

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